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Passenger profile terms

Before you submit your passenger profile information to us, please read through the following paragraphs which define how the information you submit will be handled and employed by SMT Oy to provide you with travel services and accompanying products and services. Please note that the contents of paragraphs 1a - 1g are vital in making it possible for us to provide the services you have ordered.

Description of files - operating systems

Use of personal information

1. SMT Ltd (aka SMT)


a. will hand over information about you and the travel services you have chosen to our associates and to persons authorized by you or by your employer. SMT will accept information from the afore mentioned parties to provide travel services, to handle and to collect payments for provided services and to control the travel bonus or insurance programs you might belong to.

b. will use your travel information for compiling reports for your employer to help maintain an efficient travel policy. The information for these reports can be acquired from your passenger profile, from information of your ways of using and locations of using travel service or from information acquired from outside sources (for example from our partners).

c. will use information concerning you and your travel expenses to help provide travel services, approve payments and to prevent frauds.

d. record the information acquired from your passenger profile form into reservation databases. This information will be used to provide you with the travel services you request. SMT will hand over the necessary information to, for example, airline companies, hotels and car rental companies to provide you with the services you require. By entering your credit card information in your traveller profile, you authorize SMT to use your credit card number for necessary confirmations connected to your travel arrangements and payments.

e. can, in accordance with Finnish legislation, use information about your habits of using travel services to develop or to offer you (by mail, telephone or email) products or services that are of interest to you. Information from the passenger profile form, enquiries and researches (to conduct which you may be contacted by mail, telephone or email) may be used for this. If you wish for your name to be omitted from possible marketing programs or if you would like additional information, please contact one of SMT's offices.

f. can record calls made by you or made to you to ensure the uniform quality of service and the supply of travel services.

g. When you make reservations or use travel services, American Express Global Business Travel (AEGBT) and its global organization can, as SMT's owner, handover or use information concerning you in countries that are not a part of the European Union, where information security laws may not be as effective as in the European Union. However, AEGBT has taken the necessary actions to ensure that your information will be secured in the United States and in other countries as well as in the European Union.


2. By accepting these terms you agree that SMT can, via the internet, send your reservation information, travel plans and travel confirmations to the email address you have provided. SMT endeavors by all means possible to ensure the security of the information, but is not liable should the information be compromised.


3. SMT applies advanced technology and directs its staff precisely to ensure the quick, accurate and perfect handling of your information in accordance with the information security laws.


4. SMT will supply your profile for revision should you wish it. If there should be any errors or imperfections in the information SMT uses when providing services for you, you can correct them by yourself or by your travel contact at travel portal, or by SMT. SMT stores information concerning you for only as long as the reasons mentioned above require or the laws in force demand.


See also for our Privacy Policy.

This policy is subject to change. The changes will be posted on this web site, which is the final depository of this policy.