SMT Business travel

Trust is...

... to look in the mirrot. Read more in the newest SMTtrends for business traveller and event organisers.

Book boutique on business trip
Bisnesreissulla boutique-hotelliin?

This is how you can enjoy on boutique hotels even on business trip and still stay in policy. Read more.

Be like Anna

Innovative purchasing brings the best savings
Hyvä hankinta

What happens after the purchase has been made? Is it being implemented as planned? Who is tracking it? Read our tips here.

Social responsibility takes courage
Vastuullisuus vaatii rohkeutta

For companies, sustainability is first and foremost a strategic choice and something that the management really wants to achieve. Learn more on how we did it.

Meet our customers
Meet out customers

Our customers are local and global organisations that want to join developing business travel services. Learn more on their cases.